The ‘Christmas’ Party

Jackie, who worked hard to organise everything

We finally had our very late Christmas Party, organised by Jackie,  at the Fulham Chinese Restaurant.  It was great fun,  a lot of alcohol being consumed!!!

Pat held a raffle for her TriJordan challenge and raised £59.oo.

There were some very smartly dressed people with Chloe and Helen brave enough to show their legs…..

Charles nips outside for a puff on his cigar

Galloping Grannies, Jenny and Caroline

Mark wins the mystery raffle prize

Mark won the mystery prize from Pat’s raffle.   This is the hat known as the crash test dummies hat, which has been lying around at Sparhanger for years.  (We think it was fixed, as this was the hat given to Di when she was learning to ride)


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One response to “The ‘Christmas’ Party

  1. Mark Brown

    Who’s that good lookin fella in the Hat?

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