Jet and Friends


Jet and Friends


Jet has settled in well with his new friends in the yard. He’s full of fun and practises his aerobics on a daily basis, which hopefully he will grow out of before he’s broken in.

Jet is smaller than the other two but he was a later born foal, Velvet was born six weeks earlier than him so hopefully being hand reared hasn’t knocked  him back as much as we feared it might.

Myrtle is considering having her own foal again but isn’t too sure of Bob and Di’s feelings, she gets the impression that they may say no. Myrtle would like to start a poll to see what you guys think, so go to the Comments and type YES for Myrtle to have a foal or NO if you feel it not the right thing to do. 

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283



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15 responses to “Jet and Friends

  1. Coco lover

    can i ride coco today and can we go in the school please thank u
    c u soon

  2. Catty Cow

    Sorry, Myrtle, but NO.

  3. Catty Cow

    Read the post!

  4. cocolover

    how old is myrtle ????

  5. Chelle


  6. cocolover

    yes myrtle !!!!!:):)

  7. Troy

    Yes please cos my mum and dad will pay the child support!

  8. cocolover

    Troy ?????

  9. Chelle

    Troy is our stallion and understands that child support is during foaling

  10. cocolover

    oooo yer (soz)

  11. Libby + Jess H

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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