At last, Whiskey’s done it!


After a day in the field showing a lot of discomfort Whiskey looks as though she’s preparing to foal.  She has been leaking milk and lying down a lot.

Getting on with it now

Really working hard now, the light is the reflection from the CCTV monitor.

It's a boy


So, so tired

Double Whiskey just wants to sleep now.  It took a lot of effort to deliver that big boy.



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5 responses to “At last, Whiskey’s done it!

  1. Catty Cow

    Just been up to see him. That is a big, big foal!

    • lorna

      Thats my girl,looks like he was well worth the wiat. Little dished head,nice flat pear shaped knee’s,marked well,and remember its a pound a hair,keep him intact,he’ll make you a rich man.xxxx

  2. amelia

    cant what to see him at pony club

  3. Ann Farmer

    Lorna gave me this site details so that I could have a look and wow, he look a grand lad!
    Any names yet?
    Lots of love to all – Ann

  4. Pat (Marks Mum)

    I’m a grandmother again.

    Welcome to the world little big man.

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