The Wedding


Chris and Michelle got married on May 27th!

How they managed to keep it a secret from all but those few turning up at the Registry Office we’ll never know.


Chris and Michelle

Just to prove the deed was done, here they are signing the register!


The dogs came too

Chris and Michelle had quite a surprise themselves when the dogs were waiting to greet them when they arrived back at Lynton for the party. The dogs had their DJs on, although Stanley kept on bursting out of his and Gertie was wearing a snappy little blue and white number.

In spite of the fact that the dogs were there and dressed up, no-one thought the occasion was anything other than Chris’  birthday party. The amazement was total when Chris and Michelle stepped out of   a ribbon bedecked limo, and the welcome they received was wonderful.  But I did hear someone say as they raced outside to greet them ‘There, I told you’

The Welcome

Luckily some of us had secreted  confetti in our handbags!  There must have been hundreds of photos taken and Maria has put some on Facebook.

After all the fun we had at Chris and Michelle’s surprise wedding, and the party afterwards tragedy struck a week later with the death of Smarties. Having just given birth she broke her leg and left an orphan foal.

Everyone has been so very upset, but of course Jet as he has been called has to be fed and cared for.   Horse owners, friends, odd relatives signed on for the hourly round the clock feeds, luckily now two hourly, and a foster mum has been found for him among the regular livery residents.

First expedition outside

First expedition outside


Myrtle has had a foal of her own a couple of years ago, and loved it and all the other foals!  so we are all hoping she will take care of Jet.  So far so good.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time


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One response to “The Wedding

  1. judi spadger embling

    You look amazing you two. Michelle you scrub up beautifully and you are not bad either Chris.
    May 27th good date. Rick and I got married on same date in 1972 and we have been blissfully happy, well not bad at least.
    Love the little jacket with the dress.

    Essex Girl Judi

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