Sarah and Megan


Sarah and Megan

Here is the first picture of Megan, born on March 29th, 5lbs 8oz.



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3 responses to “Sarah and Megan

  1. Pat

    Congratulations Sarah, when are we going to meet her?

  2. Chloe

    Congratulations Hope Every Thing Goes Well

  3. Sarah Knight

    Thanks for the congratulations, she is such a good baby, only screems when she requires feeding….just like her Dad.
    We had her weighed Friday and she has now shot up to 6lb 1oz !
    Hopefully be back riding with the GG’s in a couple of weeks, but need to lose stone in weight so l don’t squash Bob – otherwise l’ll be on Charlie Brown !
    Hope everyone is ok at Sparhanger and the porta cabin is tidy…l’ll be ready to insepct in a couple of weeks.
    Sad to see Dylan and Ann are off to pastures new, but l suppose circumstances change.
    Regards Sarah

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