Sarah’s World 3

The Night Feed

It’s just before midnight, I get ready for bed,
But before I can go, the foal needs to be fed.
So it’s up to the stables, and put kettle on,
Begin to weigh powder, but no! It’s all gone!
So where’s a new bag? I really don’t know,
But I make a good guess – to the feedroom I go.
Very quietly (it’s midnight!) I check in each bin.
There’s coarse mix and nuts, but no milk therein.
But big sealed-up boxes on top of a bin
Look likely containers, but can I get in?
There’s masses of tape. I can’t get it away.
No penknife in pocket! It’s determined to stay.
Pulling and tugging, perhaps I could bite,
But I’ve taken my teeth out, because it was night!
Still, I manage at last, and Jet, he gets fed.
Now I’m going home, ‘cos I’m ready for bed.


P.S. This is true…


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One response to “Sarah’s World 3

  1. Magpie

    Oh Sarah, I love it!

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