The ‘Aah’ Factor

Rags is waiting for mum!

Rags is waiting for 'Mum'!

 Photo sent in by Bob and Di.



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8 responses to “The ‘Aah’ Factor

  1. chelle

    There no aah factor when it comes to Rags, smelly, hairy and downright naughty!

  2. Catty Cow

    Rags wants to know why he’s not in ‘Who’s who’ yet. He expected to be first!

  3. Gertie

    Grrr, rubbish, it should have been me!

  4. Rags

    As the largest dog at Sparhanger I deserve a little more respect thank you (or I’ll ‘ave yer!) If I get a little untidy sometimes its only because I’m always so very busy….now where’s my doughnut?

  5. chelle

    Rags needs no encouragement he’s far to big for his boots

  6. Catty Cow

    Rags has just noticed Albie on the ‘Who’s who’. Now he’s furious – advise Albie to stay clear!

  7. Catty Cow

    Now Rags is just speechless….!

  8. Stanley

    You’ve all forgotten me, I’m cute and cuddly too, even though I’ve grown a bit! Woof! Me next……

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