Colours under the Weather


Better Again

During the snow, Mr Colours was poorly and made us all panic, Mr C convinced himself and all at Sparhanger that he had broken his leg. His stable wasn’t disturbed but he wouldn’t put weight through his near hind leg, there was swelling just below the hock and he was very reluctant to move, and most convincing of all he hadn’t eaten his haylage,  (this means he is near death’s door!). The vet was called and we all waited, going through tissues at an alarming rate.

The outcome was lymphangitis and with a course of antibiotics and some pain killers Mr C was back to normal, the reason why he had lymphangitis is still debatable, Michelle thinks it may have had something to do with not being able to exercise due to the weather conditions. Colours being the brave hero that he is alerted us to his discomfort at a very early stage allowing us to get the right treatment before his legs became too filled and by the very next morning he had forgotten all about it.

The snow has all gone and we’re managing to get back to some kind of normality, rides have started and hopefully Pony Club will be back on, on Tuesday.


Some of the horses had a fun time playing in the snow.


Midas and Colours

Midas and Colours

Dotty and Dennis


Di and Jill



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8 responses to “Colours under the Weather

  1. Coco lover

    is there a pic if Coco in the snow

  2. Chelle

    tammy please ask mum to ring me i cant find your phone number

  3. Coco lover

    ok mum is just puting poppy to bed but i will tell her to ring u when she has fin !!!

  4. Coco lover

    have u got a pic of Coco in the snow !!!I bet she look lovely:) 🙂 🙂 !!!

  5. Mark Brown

    Please email me the photos of Dot and Dennis I can photoshop em if they aren’t great and send anyothers you want printing off A4 size.

    Ta Mark

  6. Coco lover

    but do u have a pic of coco

  7. Chelle

    sorry no picture of coco in the snow

  8. Coco lover

    ok can i ride coco today !!!!!

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