What’s this? 2


What's this?

 The last one was obviously too easy for you all, so what’s this?



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4 responses to “What’s this? 2

  1. Sarah Knight

    Well, l don’t think its a horse, and it’s not Michelles’ hair………l’m trying to look at the back ground for a cule……looks like the porta cabin ???
    So my guess is: a close up of Rags.

  2. Catty Cow

    I was going to say Old Man Charlie, but you’re right, Sarah – it does look like the portacabin, so I’ll go along with you. Very good!

  3. Di

    It looks just like Charlie Brown’s moustache to me!!!!

  4. cocolover

    rags head
    from Tammy ,Libby,Jessie and Rachael

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