Poor Rachael!

Rachael broke her arm ice-skating

Tammy sent in this picture of Rachael with her broken arm.  She had been ice-skating.  Tammy says the plaster will be off in three weeks!  Glad you’ll soon be mended again, Rachael.

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3 responses to “Poor Rachael!

  1. ooooooo Rachael!
    you’ve broken your arm
    oo wat an alarm!
    you broke a bone in your arm
    its time to stay very calm!
    it wont be long untill its off
    you’ll soon be riding bof! bof! bof!
    cya soon

    say hi to Bob (horse) for me please chelle cya bye
    hopefull be back riding soon in half-term

  2. OOOOOOOO didums

    you’ve broken your arm
    you’ve gotta stay calm
    take a chill pill
    and go and sit on top of the hill

    cya soon rach
    luv from
    Jessie H

  3. cocolover

    get better soon
    time will fly and before u know u will be bak on ziggy on the commen !!!!!!


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