I don’t know why it’s happening.

I don‘t really want to go.

‘Cos everything is good here

The stables and the food here,

But I’ve been told we’re moving

And I think I can’t say no.

I know my Mum is coming

And she’ll still care for me,

Still she’ll groom and ride me

And often be beside me,

Yet there’s horses I will miss a lot

And people I won’t see.

So this is just a quick goodbye

To those whose care I’ve had.

Those who stroked and hugged me

Who bandaged and who rugged me

I’m going on my move now

And hope it’s not too bad.




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6 responses to “Dylan

  1. Catty Cow

    Dylan, I’ll miss your bright inquisitive face. Have a good life now.

  2. Pat

    Bye Dylon, Bea will miss our rides together, and whose bum will she bite now!!

  3. cocolover

    bye dylon

  4. Chloe

    Byebye Dylon Will Miss You Hope You Like You New Life

  5. Mary

    To My Best Friend Dylan – I will miss our biting game, I can’t trust any of the other horses not to bite back very hard, especially that HOITY TOITY PIECE Bea (even though she is very beautiful and we both know that we secretly fancy her). I am sure that you will soon make friends in your new home and of course your Mum will take the greatest of care with you. Do remember to behave yourself or you will get a Damn Good Grooming! You never know we may meet up when we are both out riding, I hope so. Lots of love from your special friend Dakota.

  6. Sarah Knight

    Sad to see Dylan and Ann off to pastures new, but we would like to wish you good luck.
    Regards the GG’s

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