Have you seen our Mushroom?

Edward with the Monster Mushroom!

Edward with the Monster Mushroom!

Nearing the end of our ride this afternoon we found this mega-sized mushroom.

Huge Mushroom

Missing Mushroom

Photographed next to Michelle’s riding hat, to show how big it is.


We put it on the gate post so we could come back for it later and it’s GONE!!   Michelle thought it would be good to weigh it and show it to the Pony Club tomorrow, it’s the biggest she has ever seen, she’s sure it was not there yesterday!!   Mmmm…..

As we write we expect someone is enjoying it  (looks like a Giant Puffball)  with a few slices of bacon.



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3 responses to “Have you seen our Mushroom?

  1. Tammy

    Are u sure it is not just a moeld of chelles hat !!!!

  2. Ruth and Glyn

    Hi Michelle and Chris,
    We’re not very good with p/c stuff and blogs, but we’ve been searching your blog, and so has Eloise, and we can’t see ANY baby news? Have you had the baby yet? We know it’s due around Dec/Jan so we’re waiting impatiently for news.

    Hope you’re all keeping well. No doubt you’ve had the same type of weather we have. It’s been very picturesque, but no good for them that works outdoors!!!!
    Best wishes from Ruth, Glyn and Eloise

  3. sparhanger

    Ruth, Glyn and Eloise, Zoe was born early, on 23rd November, see the post called ‘Special Delivery’ (click on the title in the list on the right called Previous Posts) and there is another photo in ‘Sparhanger Pony Club Christmas Party’, Zoe and Santa.
    I don’t expect Chris and Michelle will see your comment easily as it’s on an older post. I’ll try and remind them to look. They have been very busy with the snow causing extra work, see the recent photos, on the January posts. It’s lovely to see the sun today!
    Am so glad you have found the blog, and everyone loves to read comments, but to be sure of them being read by everyone it’s better to put them on the more recent posts.

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