Tawny Owl

Michelle’s Dad sent in this photo of an owl taken just up the road.  He doesn’t say what kind it is, but looking in the bird book it would seem to be a Tawny Owl.  Widespread throughout England, Scotland and Wales it’s about the size of a wood pigeon.  They are not usually seen in the day time unless disturbed.  Is it perhaps a young one? or a different species?  If you know more, let us know.



In the meantime Jet continues to thrive.



and here he is playing an extra in William Tell!  he’s a laid back foal!

Jet and Apple



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2 responses to “Tawny Owl

  1. Nice pic. Definitely a tawny, and it’s most likely to be sunbathing. Some have suggested they’re “anting” when they do this, but as there are unlikely to be enough ants in that grass I’d go for a sunbath in this case. And yes, tawnies do take sunbaths! They spread their wings, or one wing, out to take the warmth of the sun, like many birds. The owl in your pic is an adult.

    • sparhanger

      Thanks so much for your comment, it’s great to have our thoughts confirmed, plus all that extra information. I love your ‘owly’ site. On this part of Exmoor there is a huge variety of wildlife which we hope we can write about.

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