In Memory of Sophie


Sophie as a baby



26th May 1989 – 22nd April 2010

If Michelle was ever to have done the unthinkable and sold Sophie the advert would have read.

Bomb Proof Pony

Kind, and always willing to please

Good to do in every way.

A true friend to every Child.

Loves carrots, polos and Cadbury cream eggs.


On Thursday morning we found Sophie in the field showing signs of colic, the vet was called and every effort was made to try and find a way to make her better. Unfortunately Sophie had melanomas inside her, causing a blockage.  There was no other option and we had to make the hardest decision, so at lunchtime we did the kindest thing and that was for Sophie to be put to sleep.

Michelle has had the pleasure of having Sophie since she was 6 months old, and although she bought her, Sophie belonged to every Child who ever rode her.  She was a very bold pony from the start and was broken to ride without any problems, and was ridden by young family members.  Soon after being broken, she was broken to harness where she pulled a small trap all over the moors.

Learning to pull a trap

She taught lots of children to ride

When Michelle met Chris and moved into Sparhanger, Sophie and her friends came to.  We started the Riding School and this was when Sophie came into her own. She has taught so many of our young riders to ride, she has taken them hunting, loved jumping,  got bored with Showing but best of all she carried them safely across Exmoor.


With a young Edward

More Fancy Dress

Sophie was in work until the end. Only last weekend she took Charlotte, who when asked if she had enjoyed her canter, informed Michelle that it was, in fact, a Gallop. She was scrubbed  and polished up on Tuesday night by the Pony Club.

Michelle says although she will truly miss a very dear friend, she’s also very grateful for having had the pleasure of knowing her.

Zoe's first ride, on her mum's much loved Sophie



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9 responses to “In Memory of Sophie

  1. Catty Cow

    You’ll be a very hard act to follow, Sophie. Rest in peace, little mare.

  2. Chloe

    Rest in peace Little Sophie
    Will be Missed By many people

  3. Daisy & Delphi

    A big thank you to sophie, we are two sad little girls who will miss you .

  4. pat

    Dear Sophie a little pony with a big heart, will be missed by many.

  5. Mary

    Such a sad loss – I will miss your beautiful eyes.

  6. Camilla

    The boys and I will miss Sophie, especially Sebastian who has so many happy memories of learning to ride on her. Henry had his first ever ride on her 2 weeks ago and she looked after him beautifully.

  7. Charles

    Sophie was with us on Andrea’s and my very first ride at Sparhanger, nearly ten years ago. Appropriately, Sophie was ridden on that day by Sophie.

    Our grandchildren, Freddy, Monty & Freya, all learnt to ride on Sophie and Benson. Last summer, Sophie was playing grandmother’s footsteps in the ring, ridden by Freya. Every time Jess turned round, Freya shouted stop, but it was Sophie who did the stopping. She’s learnt how to play.

    Which sums her up, perhaps. Loved and sorely missed.

  8. Brayford Riding Gang!

    Tammy:Even though i did’t ride her she was still a really good pony and a hard act to follow she will be missed by many !!!!!!!!!!!
    rest in peace

    Rachael: my sister emma cried her heart out for about 3 or 4 days and she couldnt figure out why this was all happening, so when she was in bed i told her calmly why she had to be put to sleep she was very very upset about what had happend and so was everyone else including me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rest in peace pretty mare.

    Libby: When I got told, I felt like crying but I Told my self it was for the best. I remember when I first came to Sparhanger I rode her, she was my best mate! And still is , I think everyone was heart broken when they found out the news. Rest in peace a small pony with a big heart. xxxxxxxxx
    I love you Sophie.

    Jessie: I MISS YOU SOPHIE! When everyone heard the news they were all very upset. We will all miss her alot. I love you sophie. As everyone says she is a small pony with a big heart. Rest in peace xxxxxxxxxxx

    Lots of love
    Jessie, Rachael, Tammy and Libby xxxxxxxxxx

  9. emma

    i was so sad.i love u sophie.

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