Sarah’s Christmas World




‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the yard,

The horses were dozing,

Although it was hard,


For they knew that before long

‘Mid sleigh bells and snow

The reindeer and Santa

Would bid them hello.


He’d bring them all goodies

And gifts by the score:

There’d be rugs, boots and bridles,

And apples and more.


And the reindeer were friendly.

They told what they’d heard.

Of cousins and brothers

They always brought word.


But as they were listening

A light filled the sky.

They were startled and worried

And didn’t know why.


Then into the farmyard

‘Midst shimmer and sparkle,

Two ghosts… And they knew them –

Red Rum and Arkle.


Their hooves made no sound

As they went to each stable,

Then they spoke very softly,

Saying ‘Each of you’s able


To serve well the humans

Who love you so dearly.

You don’t have to win races,

But you must see quite clearly,


That your duty’s to do

Just the best that you’re able.

For this your rewards

Are good food and a stable.


And now we will leave you

For Santa is near.’

In a flash they were gone,

And the horses could hear


The bells on the reindeer.

Jo was first to say ‘Hark!’

Then Carla and Merlin,

Then Smog gave a bark.


And into the yard

In a flurry of snow,

Came Santa, the sleigh,

And as he said ‘Whoa’,


The horses all whickered

And waited their turn,

As Santa said quietly,

‘Your presents you’ve earned,


For Arkle just told me

That you’ve all been good.

So there are presents for all

As I knew that there would!


Happy Christmas to all

From me and the reindeer.

Be kind and be good

And I’ll see you next year.’

Red Rum and Arkle






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One response to “Sarah’s Christmas World

  1. Chelle

    i really love this poem sarah,

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