Sarah’s World 4


They say that Jack Russells are big dogs inside

And most of the time this is true,

But the limits are there, if we’re telling the truth,

And sometimes it just makes us blue.

If we jump at the boss, we reach just to her knees.

You can’t get a cuddle down there.

Sometimes we’re picked up, but often ignored,

And we have to pretend we don’t care.

Biscuits and leftovers just pass us by.

The worktops are just far too high.

Stanley can reach, but he won’t pass them on,

And usually he won’t even try.

And tho’ we’d never be so ungracious to say,

Sometimes toys don’t suit us at all.

It’s no fun to be mugged by a huge cuddly bear

Or knocked out by a big rubber ball.

The worst thing of all is a deep fall of snow.

You think that it’s fun when you call,

And we disappear right up to our ears.

Well, it’s cold and not funny at all.

We know that you love us and wish for the best,

And we’re grateful, have no doubt at all.

But now and again please remember our size.

Don’t treat us as if we are tall.

The thing that we’re big on is loyalty and love.

We’ve got all that and much more in store.

But just sometimes we want to be cuddled and loved

As if we were puppies once more.

Sarah's Terriers

 Floyd, a dog, on the left, and Mouse, a bitch, on the right.

Behind Bars


Behind bars where they should be, says Sarah.






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