To Exe Head via Pinkery Pond

Peter, Mr. Colours and Smog

Peter, Mr. Colours and Smog

Peter  (Galloping Grandad),  Mr C and Smog, enjoying a quick lunch break during a 4 hour ride.  We went over the Chains to Pinkery Pond and Exe Head where it was very wet,  (in fact snorkel and flippers would have been handy thanks to the wonderful summer we’ve  had, says Michelle). 

Peter has ridden Colours all week and they’ve  built  up a great relationship although Colours would have liked to share more of Peter’s lunch.

By Pinkery Pond

By Pinkery Pond



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2 responses to “To Exe Head via Pinkery Pond

  1. Sarah Knight

    Hang on a minute, how did Peter earn the title of Galloping Grandad !
    The Galloping Grannies are not happy – you have to comply to strict rules to be a GG, and Peter hasn’t taken the test yet.
    We have not given permission for Michelle to use this protected title.
    I think the GG’s need to discuss wether or not Peter is a suitable canditate.

    The original and still the best GG’S.

  2. sparhanger

    We’re too afraid to ask what the test is!

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