Stitches for Phoenix

While the mares were playing out in the fields on Friday , the weather took a turn for rain. Our horses are a bit on the soft side and if possible they don’t do rain especially the girls, (well, that’s not true, the boys are just as bad).

Michelle was unable to get them in straight away as everyone was busy doing photos for a BHS manual, so they showed their disgust by galloping around the field and in doing so Phoenix got caught by a kick. Luckily she was found almost as soon as it had happened. It was obvious that it could do with a couple of stitches so while we were waiting for the vet we washed it out using cold water from the hose pipe.

Phoenix is now all stitched and bandaged up and is not allowed any play time in the field until the stitches come out in 10 days time! Chloe is giving her lots of love and was probably more upset by it all than Phoenix, Chloe even stayed to hold Phoenix hand/hoof instead of a hot date with her boyfriend.

The vet at work

The instruments ready to go

All stitched up

Chloe comforting Phoenix while she's being stitched

Bandaged and feeling sorry for herself

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283



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6 responses to “Stitches for Phoenix

  1. Chelle

    love the hair do! Chloe

  2. cocolover

    get well soon phoenix

  3. Phoenix

    Them Stitches Really Hurt 😥 And My Mum Looks Really Cool In That Hair Net 😀 Thank You Coco Lover I Hope I Do As Well

  4. cocolover

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mary

    Now look here Phoenix, I have warned you about partying too much when you are out with the girls, and now you will be grounded for a week, your Mum, Jest-a-Minit

  6. Phoenix

    Sorry Mummy I Promise I Wont Do it Again

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