On the subject of Mucking Out


Work goes on



One morning in November during one of the daily mucking out sessions, Di suddenly said “Has anyone ever had anything good to say about dung”


And then in the next issue of the Countryman magazine appeared this little poem!


Odes have been written and praises sung,

To almost everything but dung.

But oh, what praise is high enough

For such rich, aromatic stuff.

Look at the barley’s drooping ear

And dream of mellow, dung fed beer.

See how the wheat springs shoulder high

When fed from stable, byre and sty.

See how the mangel wurzels swell

If you’re prepared to dung them well

So watch your …… rolling by

With naked triumph in your eye

For no man spreadeth dung in vain,

He giveth to receive again.


Author unknown.  Missing word unknown.


Horses must be fed, snow or not!



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4 responses to “On the subject of Mucking Out

  1. Coco lover

    the baby has been born

  2. sparhanger

    What a lucky baby to have big sisters!!!

  3. Coco lover

    yer really lucky

  4. Coco lover

    when r lessons back on

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