Sarah’s World Again

Another of Sarah’s  witty poems!

The Tale of Colours and Tracy

Well, Colours is quite a fine horse,

But trotting on up through the gorse

                 He got a bit hot,

                 So he picked out a spot.

Ahead was the cool pond, of course.


He walked straight on into the deep,

Though the sides were really quite steep.

Poor Tracy did yelp,

Said, ‘Michelle, can’t you help?’

But in plunged young Smog and two sheep.


Now Colours was still far too warm,

So a roll he began to perform.

‘Chelle chortled with glee

Said, ‘I’m glad it’s not me!’

As the mozzies and flies made a swarm.


Young Tracy emerged from the slime

Covered in pondweed and grime,

And as you might guess

Horse and dog were a mess,

As Trace to the saddle did climb.


The smell was just horribly bad,

And Tracy surprisingly mad.

It made Michelle’s day,

So what can we say?

They might have just started a fad…


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One response to “Sarah’s World Again

  1. Catty Cow

    Just by the way, apart from Smog and the two sheep, this is true – ask Michelle.

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