A Routine Visit from the Vet

Hector has his teeth rasped

Rinse, Please!

Midas having his mouth washed out after having his teeth rasped.


Today we had a visit from Zoe, a vet from Western Counties who came to do the routine vaccinations and teeth inspections.  This is done on a yearly basis for all our horses. The vaccines are for tetanus and flu and the horses who regularly go off the property to compete are also vaccinated against herpes.

 Some of the horses are very brave and will stand quietly in the horse stocks to have their teeth done, others, like Myrtle and Colours (no surprise there) need a bit of sedation.

We also had Carla and Jo blood-tested to see if they are in foal. Usually we have them scanned soon after covering to check all is well but unfortunately I missed doing it last year, being so busy with Jet, getting married and being pregnant myself. 

Hopefully this year will be less hectic.

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283



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