It might look pretty, but….


From the Snowy Common

Sparhanger from the Common

Here are some pictures of Sparhanger, from the common, which were taken today by Chloe’s Uncle Nick.

Michelle is feeling really frustrated because as you can see she has no chance of riding at the moment, in spite of being fully fit again. She feels she’s been away from it for ever!

 Just as soon as the weather improves slightly we’ll all be back in the saddle and lessons and hacks will go on.

All the horses are fine, they don’t even want to poke a nose over the stable door for fear that they will have to go out!

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283



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11 responses to “It might look pretty, but….

  1. Coco lover

    Iam really missing Coco !!!! 🙂
    Even if lessons were on me and ellie could not go because we r snowed in!!
    Mummy said she will ring u soon to book a lesson !!
    | |

  2. Coco lover

    Coco lover is Tammy i just changed it because i llllllooooooovvvvveeeeee 🙂 COCO:)

  3. Chelle

    coco is all tucked up in her stable but sends her love

  4. Coco lover

    Thank u
    the soon the snow clears the soon i will be able to ride . I am no sure when my mum is going to ring but it properly ring u after the snow has cleared
    C U Soon !!!!

  5. Coco lover

    I met the sooner the snow clears the sooner i will be able to ride Coco !!!!
    And when r we going to jumping because we have not do it for a while !!!
    C U Soon!!!

  6. Ziggster lover

    Hi chelle its me Rachael
    did you hav a good christmas and hows little Zoe i havnt seen her yet ive only seen a picture of her on the sparhanger blog me and Emma and maybe maybe maybe libby r going to start riding again sometime in the new year i cant wait for tht cya or speak to u soon bye

  7. Coco lover

    hiya Chelle
    we r going to ring u on wednesday or thursday
    the sooner the snow clears the sooner we will be able to ride again.
    and when r we going to be jumping !!!!
    Hopeful next time we see u the baby boy will be born !!!!
    See u soon
    P.S could u give all my love to coco and i really miss her see u soon coco !!!

  8. Coco lover

    hiya everyone

  9. Coco lover

    my mum might have the baby today !!!!!!

  10. Rachael ziggster lover

    Hi chelle Tammy and Ellie have very exciting news

  11. Coco lover

    what is that very exciting news then

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