Happy Birthday Chloe

15 today

Everyone is wishing you a Happy Birthday, Chloe



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12 responses to “Happy Birthday Chloe

  1. Di

    Hope you have a great birthday Chloe, lots of love from Colours, Myrtle, Midas, Coco, Oska and Hugo! Oh and please can we have more birthday cake with butter icing!

  2. cocolover

    di do u own coco??????

  3. cocolover

    Happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bday to chloe happy bday to you

    bday = birthday

  4. Sarah Knight

    Hi Chloe, The Galloping Grannies would like to wish you Happy Birthday, sorry we did not know, if we had l would have got Jenny to make a cake for you instead of Chocolate Brownies and Rocky Road !
    Have a great day…whats left of it.
    Sarah, Caroline, Jenny (aka GG’s) XX

  5. Catty Cow

    Happy Birthday, Chloe!

  6. Di

    Yes we do but she loves you more than me cos you take her out for rides (I know that cos she told me!)

  7. Jackie

    Happy Birthday Chloe. Sorry forgot to wish you a belated birthday when I saw you today.Love Jackie,Dave and Sam xx

  8. cocolover

    ooooooo i did not know that ( thank u coco )

  9. Chloe

    Thank You EveryOne 😀

  10. cocolover

    ooooo thats ok

  11. Libby

    Happy Birthday! have a nice day chloe??
    cya soon
    Libby 🙂

  12. Jessie!!!!!

    happy bday chole
    hope u had a fab day
    luv from
    Jessie H

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