Olympia Horse Show

Hi Everyone,

Please could anyone interested in going up to Olympia on Thursday 17th December please let me know by Sunday this week so I can book tickets.

We are hoping to hire 1 or 2 mini buses to take us all. The shopping hall opens at 10am so will need to leave at around 6am and we take our seats for the show at around 12.30 and it finishes at 4.30pm so will be a long day.

We are not sure what the price of the tickets will be but looks like £45 (depending on group rate) for the show itself plus travel and food.

Please let me know ASAP so we can go on and organise it before all tickets sell out.


Many thanks



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  1. Rachael

    Hi michelle its me Rach I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for Ziggy shoe LOL I tresure it with all my heart LOL I can add it to my collection and I think im in a really wierd mood at the moment but i am still saying thank you I got to go now but cya next week bye. By the way im going bonkers LOL cya bye

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