Emma and Ziggy

Emma riding Ziggy

Emma riding Ziggy on Cheriton Ridge

This is Emma who comes down to Devon every year on holiday, we have lost track of the number of times Emma and her family have been down.
 This year they decided to go on to Cornwall but they managed to stop off on their way down and on their way home for a 2hr ride.  
Chris and Michelle would like to say thank you for the teddy bear, I’m sure when the baby arrives she will love it. 
Michelle says she hopes that the spelling test went well at school!


Emma and Ziggy


Sparhanger Equestrian Centre

  Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283



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2 responses to “Emma and Ziggy

  1. Michelle

    Thanks for the pictures. Emma (and the rest of us) love to come and see our Sparhanger friends. We’re planning our 2010 visits, and send our love & best wishes to Michelle & Chris for Zoe’s safe arrival. We’ll be watching the blog!

  2. Emma

    Hi Chloe,
    Thanks for the great rides on Coco last week and showing us Carla’s new foal-has she got a name yet?
    See you in the summer!
    Emma 🙂 xx

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