Stolen Foals – Somerset


Sometime between 11am on 15th August and 6.30pm on 16th August 3 fillies were stolen from a field between Martock and South Petherton in Somerset.  The field is on the South Petherton side of Paratt Works in Martock.  The fillies are valued at £3000 each. 
The lock and chain securing the gate is believed to have been cut with a grinder, the fillies have then been separated from their mothers and loaded into a horse box.

  • Pink roan filly with a slight wall eye, born 3rd June (2.5 months old) 
  • Grey filly (still slight creamy colour from birth) with grey circles around eyes, born 5th June (2.5 months old) 
  •  Black/blue roan filly, born 23rd May (5 months old) 

 Owner is understandably distraught at the loss, the fillies are dependant on their mother’s milk and due to their small age there is a huge concern for their safety and wellbeing.

Police are appealing for anybody with any information to please come forward.  There are no photos but the owner can identify them immediately.

Thank you
Tess Smith
Horse Watch co coordinator for South Somerset Rural
Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Telephone 0845 456 7000


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