Foal Watch


Foal Watch

Double Whiskey was due to foal on the 29th April but is still hanging on. She is very uncomfortable, has a large udder and has dropped away behind,  so she shouldn’t be that long. We are all keeping an eye on her with the CCTV camera  to give her a bit of privacy in the hope that she’ll get on with it.
Jo (at the rear of the picture)  is now coming in at night-time as she has started to udder up. If Jo foals before Double Whiskey, does Chelle get another box of Smirnoff from Mark and Helen?

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
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2 responses to “Foal Watch

  1. Catty Cow

    There, I was sure Jo was going to do it on Saturday night – sorry Angela!

    • Angela

      And Di said she thought Whiskey was going to foal, no wonder we stayed up all night. All those promises…….

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