Susie foals first.

Michelle sent in these photos and comments yesterday, and  today just after midnight.


Susie is close to foaling, she is in at night being watched on the CCTV camera.

Her milk is beginning to flow

Susie’s teats are clearly waxing up and milk is beginning to run.  Sarah will tell us how many foals she has had but Chelle knows this to be her 4th to Troy.
There is a bet going on with Mark as to whose  mare would foal first Double Wiskey or Susie, box of Smirnoff to the winner. Chelle’s money’s on Susie.

Then just after midnight came these two pictures

Just being born

A new colt foal

Susie foaled down at about quarter past 12, midnight today. It was a text book delivery, mare and foal.



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8 responses to “Susie foals first.

  1. Catty Cow

    Susie’s not sure about having her ‘bits’ all over the internet, but she is very proud of her new son.

  2. pat

    congratulations, a lovely new baby,whats he going to be named?

  3. lorna

    you’ve seen nothing yet. if double whiskey has a good black and white filly foal could be ten thousand pounds to come back to northamptonshire .

  4. Catty Cow

    What’s this? Susie’s been there, done that! Had a black and white filly last time… No one’s offered £10000 though.

  5. Pat (Marks Mum)

    Congratulations a lovely new foal.

    Come on Double Whiskey what are you waiting for. The new colt needs a play mate.

  6. Mary

    Well done Susie, he is a little cracker!

  7. Mark

    Looks like I owe you a few drinks Chelle ( Cow bag ) and its great to see Mum and Lorna posting on the blog.

    Lorna is Double Whiskeys former owner and a dear freind, Helen and I use to keep our horses with Lorna in Northamptonshire where she breeds the best traditional coloured cobs in the country.

    I talked to Double Whiskey before we left and told her not to foal until we came back off holiday, she was a bit worried about me loosing the bet, but agreed in the end.

    Well done Suzzie all of the Browns will be up tomorrow to cross Ruperts hoof with silver.

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