Today’s Sponsored Ride


Here are just a few of the many pictures taken at the sponsored ride today, 11 riders in total, those who took part were

Edward and Hector

Charlotte and Bryony

Jessica and Coco

Rachel and Ziggy

Emma and Sophie

Libby and Dakota

Jordan and Drummer

Helen and Dotty

Mark and Barney

Chloe and Bob

Michelle and Colours 

and Smog!!!

Many thanks to all who took part and Michelle for giving her time and all the ponies for the day, every one had a lovely ride, approximately 3 hours in total followed by a well deserved lunch.

Well done every one £185 collected today, this will be added to Edwards sponsorship for the combined activities, all other sponsorship monies to be to Edward by the end of the month please. Will let you know when the final count is in.

                         Edward and Sarah.


bbq 09 033


sponsored ride


sponsored ride

                                                                        sponsored ride


sponsored ride


sponsored ride


sponsored ride


August 19th


sponsored ride


sponsored ride


sponsored ride


And from Michelle:-

The day for the 10 mile sponsored ride in aid of  Devon Air Ambulance started off like a typical rainy Summer’s day, but the sun came out making it perfect for riding.

The eleven of us who took part had lots of fun and plenty to chat about.

Congratulations to everyone who went, in particular to Edward whose idea it was, and who is now going on to do further sponsored events.


Emma on Sophie


Emma on Sophie towards the end of the 10 mile ride.  I think she had fun!!


Sarah, Aug.19th


Sarah, who opted to take the Honda and be the day’s photographer.  Next year we want Sarah on a horse!



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6 responses to “Today’s Sponsored Ride

  1. Why isnt there a picture of me?from lovley Rachael Maundrell
    (See you on Saturday the 29th of august!)
    Can Tammy ride coco
    and Rachael on Ziggy on the 29th

  2. hi me again um i was going to ask today on the 29th if we get certifycates for the 3 hour 10 mile ride we did on the 19th of august

  3. i think this web site is fab,dabby,dossy

  4. Libby

    The pictures are fan,tabby,dosy

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