Time for a Check-Up

Open Wide

Open Wide


At Sparhanger all our horses have their teeth regularly checked along with vaccination for flu and Tetanus. This is done by our vets from Western Counties.
These check ups are done every 6 to 12 months (they probably see the dentist more often than some of our human clients).
Midas (in the pictures) has had some major work done this year due to an abscess that formed below one of his molars.


At work


Inside his Mouth

Inside his Mouth



Sparhanger Equestrian Centre

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2 responses to “Time for a Check-Up

  1. Tammy

    who is the horse in the pics

    I did ‘t like the pic of in side the mouth !!!

    see u on saturday

    • Di

      Hi Tammy
      The horse in the pictures is Midas he belongs to Bob. He doesn’t seem to mind the dentist I think he just likes the attention!

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