Sarah’s World

Sarah’s sent in some fantastic and highly amusing poems she has written.  Here are the first two. 

The Tale of the Know All 

The rider pretended to know all there was

Of the skill of riding a horse.

He wanted more speed

So he kicked his poor steed,

Who leapt forward – she would do, of course.

But as they came over the brow of the hill

The brave horse refused to slow down,

Saying, ‘Kick me that way,

Then I’ll have my say,

And you’ll be the one looks a clown.’

So the rider was frightened and made a mistake.

He bailed out while travelling at speed.

He hit the ground hard

Like a great tub of lard,

And discovered he should have paid heed.

The moral is this, if you’re going to ride,

Don’t canter before you can walk.

It could hurt a lot

And even if not,

You’re certain to look like a dork.  

Ode to Susie   Oh Susie, will you tell me why

You’re such an awkward mare?

What have I done to make you so?

Do you think that I don’t care?

I know you’re better bred than me,

A princess through and through,

But can’t you just debase yourself

And let me ride on you?

Please Susie, for a little while

Just show you have a heart.

I feed you, groom you, keep you well,

So won’t you play your part?

I won’t ask very much of you,

No labour or hard slog.

Just pleasant walks up on the moor,

Perhaps with Floyd the dog.

I know it’s not the life you’d choose.

You’ve made that very clear.

But just a little give and take,

And I can keep you here.

The sale ring’s not a thing you’d want.

You’d get a life that’s hard.

You’d realise then when it’s too late,

This is a lovely yard.

Dear Susie, don’t do this to me.

I love you very dearly.

Let’s here and now resolve a truce

And see our future clearly.




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