Equestrian Tourism Exam

Colours, exhausted after successfully passing his Equestrian Tourism Exam!

Last Tuesday  the candidates were here at 8.am,  all looking very smart, but suffering  from nerves in varying degrees.   The weather was great until they went outside to do their assessment, when it rained, hailed then snowed.  Enough snow to leave a thickish covering for a short time.
A great result as all six passed so congratulations to Alex, Helen, Mark, Laurie, Chrissie and to Pru, who flew over from Portugal to take her Ride Leader.

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
Mobile 07968066973  or phone 01598 753283




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10 responses to “Equestrian Tourism Exam

  1. Chloe

    Well Done To You All 😀

  2. Congratulations on this beautiful blog! It’s wonderful and the photos are amazing!
    Congratulations also to the new mum and dad and their lovely baby.

  3. judi Essex Girl

    Glad exam went well.
    I was trekking the East Lyn River in the snow but had lunch at Watersmeet outside in the sunshine.
    Thanks once again to you all for two good rides and to the lovely Dakota and Colours.
    Bit stiff today though!

  4. Catty Cow

    Believe this exam was joined by a certain pair of terriers. They’re sorry – they thought they’d help by taking out the judge… Well done, everyone.

  5. cocolover

    can i ride coco tomorrow please and where r we going cu tomorrow
    thank u

  6. cocolover

    well done everyone

  7. cocolover

    cheek ur emails – chelle

    • sparhanger

      If you want to be sure that Michelle is reading a message from you Cocolover you need to get in touch with her, not leave a comment on the blog, because she may not have had time to read your comments here before you want to ride.
      There is an e-mail link for Sparhanger at the end of a lot of the posts.

  8. cocolover

    i do email her

  9. Mark Brown

    Helen and I would like to say a GREAT BIG thank you to Michelle, Chris Di, Bob and Chloe for all your help both with getting us through the exam and for all the help and support you hav egiven us during this never ending winter.

    We will make it up to all of you and buy you all a drink or two tomorrow night 🙂

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