Snow saves Mary and Pat


The Exmoor foxhounds met last Saturday at Woolhanger and for the previous week Pat and Mary, two of our livery customers had been preparing to go. This was no easy task as both were very nervous and almost managed to talk themselves out of it but, with some gentle persuasion from Michelle!!!!!!!, come Friday the tack was clean, a red ribbon for Bea and almost a green for Dakota (Dakota is no novice at hunting, but Mary, perhaps) the hunt shirts ironed, the nervous hunters were ready.

It snowed overnight

Over night it snowed and unfortunately it was a no go for Mary.

Alex on TC

The hunt was still held, Alex, a hardy soul, still went along on TC.

Not so hardy hunters!

Poor Mary and Pat decided to leave it for slightly better weather and went along to give support on foot.

Sparhanger Equestrian Centre
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One response to “Snow saves Mary and Pat

  1. Catty Cow

    Cheer up, girls – you’ll frighten the horses!

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