From Sophie, via Sarah’s World


I’m sorry I left you, but just so you know,
 The Rainbow Bridge called me, so I had to go.
Sometimes, you see, while you’re trotting about,
Your back starts to ache and your legs just give out.
Then it’s time to come here where the aches go away.
I’ll wait for my people, and meanwhile I’ll play. 
Time doesn’t exist here, and neither does age.
A very long wait’s just like turning a page.
The sun’s warm, the grass sweet. It’s good and I’m glad
So I just want to ask you – please, please don’t be sad.
The only thing I’m sorry for, is that I couldn’t stay
To carry little Zoe on her very special day.
I had a grand life, and I gave of my best.
(Though showing was boring, and schooling a pest!)
My riders were little. I tried to be calm.
Though I cut a few corners, they came to no harm.
To all those who loved me – you’ll stay in my heart
So remember me kindly while we’re apart.
And if you see, when you’re riding, a quick flash of white,
It’s just me, or my spirit making sure you’re alright.


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One response to “From Sophie, via Sarah’s World

  1. teresa

    that was amazing so true,she was special pony .
    I have to say it brought a tear to my eye .

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