Zoe’s First Ride

Zoe in her basket saddle

A couple of weeks ago Michelle decided Zoe was to start her riding career, so poor Sophie was pulled in from the field in her full winter glory  (in other words looking very scruffy) and decked in a brand new basket saddle,  a present to Zoe from Mary, who owns Dakota.
It was a beautiful day and Zoe, much to Michelle’s joy, really did seem to enjoy her riding experience, in fact she cried when she was taken off  Sophie!
This is a great relief as Michelle had theatened to put Zoe up for adoption if she didn’t like horses.

Chloe takes charge

 Perhaps Michelle or Mary can tell us where she got Zoe’s basket saddle.



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7 responses to “Zoe’s First Ride

  1. cocolover

    she looks like she is enjoying her self

  2. judi Essex Girl

    Start as you mean to go on. Great stuff!

  3. cocolover

    we sould get one of them for poppy !!!!!:)

  4. Chelle

    does anyone know were i can get baby riding gear, such as hats back protectors etc.

  5. cocolover

    no sorry chelle

  6. Libby

    She’s sooooooo adorable!
    i love that basket saddle!!

    send all my love 2 the pony’s and chelle!

  7. Jessie!!!!!

    She’s SSSSSOOOOO ardorabubble!!!!!
    she looks sooo cute in tht little basket!!!!!

    send all my love 2 everyone at sparhanger
    miss u all
    luv from Jessie H

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